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Greek Producers Bring Top Buzz Titles to EFM | Christopher Vourlias


Here’s a round-up of some of the top Greek feature films currently in the pipeline:

Since the launch of its cash rebate in 2018, which covers up to 40% of qualifying expenditures along with 30% in tax relief, Greece has become one of Europe’s hottest filming destinations. But domestic production is surging as well, and the industry reached new heights in 2022, with the rebate scheme supporting 132 international and domestic projects.

Director: Orfeas Peretzis
Producer: Konstantinos Vassilaros
This narrative feature debut follows a girl’s last summer in the Athenian Riviera, looking to overcome a world that’s disintegrating.

Patrimonial Fears and Other Symptoms
Director: Elina Psykou
Producers: Maria Drandaki, Konstantinos Vassilaros
The third feature from the Tribeca award-winning director follows three generations of men, each confronting private fears that they hope will vanish when the magician David Copperfield arrives in Athens to make the Acropolis disappear.

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