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78 Days and Embryo Larva Butterfly win big at the 22nd Cyprus Film Days

In the Cypriot Films Competition, Embryo Larva Butterfly [+] by Kyros Papavassiliou emerged as the victor, clinching the Best Cypriot Film Award. This accolade, accompanied by €4,000 and rental services of “The Studio”, provided by CYENS Centre of Excellence, was granted to the movie for “its originality, offering a fresh perspective on the science-fiction genre through a minimalist approach and deliberate pacing. This film distinguishes itself with its clever use of urban landscapes and its depiction of the female experience in themes such as relationships and motherhood, marking a significant achievement in Cypriot cinema.” Papavassiliou also secured the Best Cypriot Director Award, which includes post-production services worth €4,000, sponsored by Authorwave. This recognition was granted for his “innovative direction in crafting a world where characters grapple with the fluidity of time, establishing him as a unique voice in Cypriot cinema”.

Cypriot Films Competition

Best Cypriot Film
Embryo Larva Butterfly [+] - Kyros Papavassiliou (Cyprus/Greece)

Best Director of a Cypriot Film
Kyros Papavassiliou - Embryo Larva Butterfly

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