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Greek Film Festival Highlights

11.02 .2012

STILL deciding what to watch at the Greek Film Festival? Hieu Chau gives you a couple of options to help ease you into the genre that is Greek cinema.

The Greek Film Festival 2012 is currently under-way in Melbourne, and doesn’t finish until November 4, so there is still time to catch your first-or second, Greek Film.

Having said this, what City of Children manages to accomplish in terms of its acting talent is rather outstanding. It’s a talkative feature but the actors are competent and shine in their roles.

Particularly noteworthy is actress Kika Georgiou. In the film, she plays an Iranian immigrant on the verge of giving birth. Her story is perhaps the most tender and much more emotionally eclipsing than the others, evidenced in the final moments of the film where we are given a glimmer of salvation.

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